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A hydraulic jack utilizes a plunger or hydraulic cylinder as a sturdy lifting component. Its key traits include a compact build, steady performance, robust supporting force, and automatic self-locking mechanism. Hydraulic jacks exhibit remarkable supporting capabilities, with heavy-duty variants boasting supporting forces exceeding 100 tons.

As a manufacturer of hydraulic jacks, Shanghai Yiying maintains its own factory, ensuring cost control while delivering the most competitive prices without compromising quality. This focus on quality guarantees that lifting products are more accessible, secure, and safer during their usage. Whether utilized for car repairs or in any context where jacks find application, they are user-friendly and prioritize safety.

Comprising components like the oil chamber, oil pump, oil storage cavity, piston, crank, and oil valve, a hydraulic jack operates by reciprocating the crank handle to continuously press oil into the oil cylinder. This action steadily increases oil pressure within the cylinder, compelling the piston and the load atop it to ascend simultaneously. Upon opening the oil return valve, the high-pressure oil returns to the oil storage cavity, causing both the load and the piston to descend together.

Shanghai Yiying Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd., a prominent producer of hoisting machinery, offers an array of products including the "Yiying" and "Hugong®" brand electric hoists, electric stackers, pallet jacks, lift tables, and manual stackers. With three large factories strategically located in Baoding City, Hebei Province, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, and Chongqing City, the company maintains convenient access to transportation near ports. Boasting a skilled workforce of thousands of technicians and workers, the factories are compartmentalized into various workshops such as pallet truck, chain, and manual electric hoist workshops. Leveraging a scientific management system, top-notch talents, cutting-edge technology, advanced production equipment, and comprehensive testing methods, the company utilizes computer technology to develop innovative products.

The 20 Ton Hydraulic Jack is a fundamental lifting equipment with limited lifting height but offers a compact structure, stable operation, and a self-locking mechanism, rendering it extensively utilized. Despite its limitations in lifting height and speed, this universal jack is ideal for diverse lifting operations requiring lower heights. Comprising crucial parts such as the oil chamber, oil pump, oil storage chamber, piston, crank, and oil valve, the 20 Ton Hydraulic Jack is widely applicable for lifting tasks with minimal height requirements.

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20 Ton Hydraulic Jack

20 Ton Hydraulic Jack

The 20 Ton Hydraulic Jack, a basic lifting tool with limited lifting height, offers a compact structure, stable performance, and a self-locking mechanism, making it extensively utilized. However, its drawback lies in its constrained lifting height and relatively slow lifting speed. This jack comprises essential components such as the oil chamber, oil pump, oil storage chamber, piston, crank, oil valve, and other integral parts necessary for its operation.

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Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton

Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton

The Hydraulic Jack 3 Ton is available in various types, including pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, and mechanical versions, with hydraulic and mechanical jacks being the most commonly utilized. This jack serves the purpose of replacing a vehicle's spare tire, providing convenience for tire replacements while on the road.

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