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CD1 electric wire rope hoist


CD1 electric wire rope  hoist is a small lifting equipment, which can be installed on single girder, double girder, bridge crane, gantry crane, and other multiple cranes. The lifting speed is constant speed, which can meet the needs of general occasions. , one of the

commonly used lifting equipment in ports, warehouses and freight yards, which can improve labor efficiency and improve labor conditions.

High-speed copper core motor:Low noise, strong power, fast heat dissipation, long service life!

Increase cooling fan:Good heat dissipation effect, keep performance balance while working, and improve work efficiency!

Anti-rotation wire rope:The thickened solid steel wire rope has strong bearing capacity and is not easy to break!

High configuration gearbox:Low noise, high rotation accuracy, can work efficiently, and the machine is solid and durable!

Rope guide:Prevent confusion and overlap during wire rope winding and reduce failure rate!

When the wire rope hoist rises to a certain height, the limiter will cut off the power supply, and the safety performance is higher!

With anti-skid handle, the control box button is simple and easy to operate!The lifting and lowering of the wire rope hoist can be controlled by simple operation of the remote controller!

The manganese steel hook forged at high temperature is durable and not easy to break. The lower hook can rotate 360 degrees, and the safety tongue is added to ensure safe operation!

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