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Semi Electric Pallet Jack
  • Semi Electric Pallet JackSemi Electric Pallet Jack
  • Semi Electric Pallet JackSemi Electric Pallet Jack
  • Semi Electric Pallet JackSemi Electric Pallet Jack
  • Semi Electric Pallet JackSemi Electric Pallet Jack
  • Semi Electric Pallet JackSemi Electric Pallet Jack

Semi Electric Pallet Jack

The Semi Electric Pallet Jack, also recognized as an industrial vehicle, functions as a logistics handling tool primarily used for moving goods. This equipment, often referred to as a semi-electric pallet jack, operates as a trackless vehicle specifically designed for short-distance handling, loading, unloading, and stacking of goods within various business premises. It proves beneficial for tasks involving loading, unloading, and material handling across stations, docks, airports, warehouses, construction sites, freight yards, and similar locations requiring efficient and precise movement of goods.

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Product Description

The Semi Electric Pallet Jack is equipped with imported driving wheels and a reliable disc brake system, providing robust power and effortless maneuverability. It features a high-capacity, high-efficiency battery ensuring extended operation, complete with a charge level display meter and low-voltage alarm indicator for uninterrupted use.

With its heavy-duty design and compact structure, this product offers a wide operational field of vision, meeting the en1757-1:2001 standard for quality assurance. When in operation, its electro-hydraulic system efficiently lifts and lowers goods loaded onto the fork inserted into the tray hole.

Compared to manual handling, using this pallet jack can reduce direct handling costs by over 25%. It enhances handling unit capacities, reducing handling time while minimizing item damage and boosting product success rates. It also enables higher stacking, optimizing space utilization while reducing labor strain and enhancing working conditions. This versatile semi-electric hydraulic carrier serves as an essential auxiliary tool for material handling, offering comfortable operation for anyone due to its ergonomic design. Safety features include a plastic handle clip, zinc-coated tiller, heavy-duty protection seat housing the pump cylinder, and chrome-plated forklift cylinder barrels. The low-level control valve and overflow valve ensure secure operations, while the sealed bearings in its flexible wheels—made of wear-resistant nylon and rubber—contribute to smooth movement and reduced rolling resistance.

Product Specification





Min.Fork height(mm)


Max.Fork height(mm)


Steering wheel(mm)


Fork wheel (mm)


Fork Length(mm)


Fork Size (mm)


Whole width(mm)


Radius of turning circule(mm)


Moving speed, loading/unloading(m/s)



Lithium48V 12A/48V 15A

Motor Power(w)


Battery weight(kg)


Total weight(kg)


Feature And Application

Semi electric pallet jack is the logistics handling equipment that plays the role of handling goods. Handling vehicles, also known as industrial vehicles, are trackless vehicles for short-distance handling, loading and unloading and stacking goods within enterprises. This vehicle is suitable for loading, unloading and handling in stations, docks, airports, warehouses, construction sites, freight yards and other places.Semi electric pallet jack is a dual-purpose semi electric forklift with the functions of loading and unloading and short-distance transportation of goods. It has the characteristics of comfortable operation, high stability, simple operation, low noise, no pollution, low failure rate, compact structure, flexible transportation, simple operation and small turning radius. It is widely used in storage, logistics, handling and other places

Product details

Semi Elactric Pallet Jack has 1000W brushless motor. With strong power, Semi Elactric Pallet Jack can easily climb the slope with a load of 1.5T.

Semi Electric Pallet Jack

Intelligent control handle, intelligent control turtle speed handle, electronic brake is more sensitive. Semi Elactric Pallet Jack Details has an electronic screen to display the power, which is more convenient and fast to use.

Semi Electric Pallet Jack

Thickened steel plate. The body of Semi Elactric Pallet Jack is thickened and strengthened. There is no problem with pulling three tons of goods at the flat bottom. It has a super load.

Semi Electric Pallet Jack

Integral pouring pump. Integrated pouring oil cylinder, safe and powerful. Long service life, can eradicate the disadvantages of oil leakage.

Semi Electric Pallet Jack

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