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3 Ton Manual Chain Hoist
  • 3 Ton Manual Chain Hoist3 Ton Manual Chain Hoist

3 Ton Manual Chain Hoist

3 Ton Manual Chain Hoist is also called fairy hoist, chain hoist, chain hoist, chain hoist, hand hoist, and manual hoist. Chain hoists generally use a ratchet friction plate one-way brake, which can brake automatically under load, and the pawl engages with the ratchet wheel under the action of the spring to make the brake work safely

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Product Description

3 Ton Manual Chain Hoist is also called fairy hoist, chain hoist, chain reversing, heavy weight, manual hoist. It is suitable for short-distance lifting of small equipment and goods. Chain Block 3 Ton The lifting weight is generally not more than 10T, the maximum can be up to 20T, and the lifting height is generally not more than 6m. The shell material of the chain hoist is high-quality alloy steel, strong and wear-resistant, and high safety performance. When the hand hoist lifts the heavy object upwards, the manual chain and the hand sprocket are rotated clockwise, and the hand zipper is pulled counterclockwise when lowered, the brake seat is separated from the brake pad, the ratchet wheel is still under the action of the pawl, and the five-tooth long shaft Drive the lifting sprocket to run in the opposite direction, so as to smoothly lift the heavy objects.

Product Specification








 Capacity   t







 Standard lifting height   m







 Force of full load







Additional weight per meter(kg)







Product Feature And Application

3 Ton Manual Chain Hoist are widely used and can be applied to warehouses, construction sites, factories and other environments, but chain hoists also have certain requirements for the environment in which they are used. 

1. If the Chain Block 3 Ton is left in an acid-alkaline environment for a long time, it will easily corrode the structure of the chain hoist. 

2. If the Chain Block 3 Ton is in a messy and dusty environment, the chain hoist is easy to be covered with dust and oil. The poor use environment of the chain hoist will affect the performance of the chain hoist itself. Generally speaking, chain hoists are suitable for use in a dry environment, with moderate temperature and low pH in the air. 

3.If the space is limited, you can choose a suitable 3 Ton Manual Chain Hoist on the market. For example, the anti-corrosion chain hoist can be used in acid and alkaline gas and liquid environments. With the development of science and technology, the chain hoist is constantly improving, which can meet the applicable places of customers under different conditions.

Product Details

3 Ton Manual Chain Hoist has the characteristics of safety and reliability, easy maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, small pull force of the bracelet, light weight, easy to carry, beautiful appearance, small size, and durability. It is suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, docks, docks, warehouses, etc. Installing machines and lifting goods, especially for outdoor and non-powered operations, shows its superiority.
The main parts of the chain hoist are made of alloy steel. The chain adopts 800Mpa high-strength lifting chain. The material is generally 20M2. The chain is medium-frequency quenched and heat-treated, low-wear and anti-corrosion; high-strength hook, the material is generally alloy steel, forged The striking hook design ensures slow lifting to prevent overload; it complies with European CE safety standards

Increase the opening of the hook and use more working conditions. The upper and lower hooks are made of high-quality alloy materials, and have been thermally processed, so they will not break when overloaded.

Chain Block 3 Ton

The lifting chain is made of high-quality alloy steel, with precise rotation and high strength

Chain Block 3 Ton

The hand cover adopts a special curling process, which increases the strength and tilts the hand in time without causing jamming.

Chain Block 3 Ton

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