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Electric Pallet Lifter
  • Electric Pallet LifterElectric Pallet Lifter
  • Electric Pallet LifterElectric Pallet Lifter
  • Electric Pallet LifterElectric Pallet Lifter
  • Electric Pallet LifterElectric Pallet Lifter
  • Electric Pallet LifterElectric Pallet Lifter

Electric Pallet Lifter

The Electric Pallet Lifter operates through battery-powered energy and a motor as its driving force. Key components encompass the battery, motor, hydraulic pump, oil cylinder, piston rod, fork, chain, controller, among others. Primarily designed to elevate loads to specific heights, it finds common application in warehouses, workshops, and locations requiring efficient logistics handling. Particularly adept at enhancing warehousing efficiency with pallet utilization, it's often referred to as an Electric Pallet Stacker due to its stacking capabilities.

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Product Description

The Electric Pallet Lifter, also known as an electric stacker or full electric stacker, represents an industrial handling vehicle powered by a motor and battery. It's designed for handling packaged pallet goods, encompassing loading, unloading, stacking, and short-distance transportation tasks. Recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO / TC110) as an industrial vehicle, the electric stacker comes in various types: full electric, semi-electric, forward-moving, forward-moving full electric, forward-moving stacker, and walking balance weight stacker.

The core operational functions of an electric stacker include horizontal handling, stacking/picking, loading/unloading, and picking. The choice of stacker model typically depends on the specific operational requirements of a company's product series. Moreover, specialized functions like handling paper rolls or molten iron may necessitate additional accessories for the stacker to perform these specific tasks.

Operational necessities involve considerations such as pallet or cargo specifications, lifting height, aisle width for operation, and incline degree. Furthermore, factors like driving habits (standing or habitual driving) and operational efficiency (varying across different models) are crucial aspects to factor in when selecting the appropriate


Product Specification 



25 1/2 Inches


36 Inches


92 Inches


1,000 lb.

Caster Size

4 Inches





Made in America




Number of Casters


Platform Material


Power Type







Wheel Type



Feature And Application

The basic operation functions of the electric stacker are divided into horizontal handling, stacking / picking, loading / unloading and picking. According to the operation function to be achieved by the enterprise, it can be preliminarily determined from the company's product series. In addition, special operation functions will affect the specific configuration of the stacker, such as paper rolls, molten iron, etc. it is necessary to install accessories on the stacker to complete special functions.


Product Details

(1) Body design is exquisite, flexible operation, and labour saving impulse.

Electric Pallet Lifter

(2) Built-in high-energy sealed battery, Long-term use without maintenance, so you don' t need to add water during the period of life.

Electric Pallet Lifter

(3) Foot brake operation is user-friendly.

Electric Pallet Lifter

(4)Electricity meter is configured, so as to remind operators chargetimely, and convenient to protect the battery.

Electric Pallet Lifter


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